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Hellbound Books Publishing August 2017

To The Man Who Loves Me Through My Mental Illness

Thought Catalog

I Always Knew I was Different, Now I Know The Fucked Up Reason Why

This Is What High Functioning C-PTSD Looks Like

An Open Letter From The Girl Who Could Have Been Your Everything

What I Want My Loved Ones to Understand about My PTSD

How To Love A Girl With Mental Illness

What Happens When Anxiety Takes Over

What My Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Looks Like


The Infected series


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Liz started writing as a teenager, over the years she had gone more in the genre of Blogging than storytelling, but has always stayed an avid reader. With inspiration from great writers of horror fiction like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allen Poe and many more, she has improved her writing style and found her niche in storytelling and entertaining. Born and raised in the Midwest, with a fascination with the unseen, because there is nothing scarier than something that can play with your mind and terrify you beyond the reach of your 5 senses.




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